Declan Kuch

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Declan Kuch is a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences motivated by the problem of how we live together in a common world with the artefacts of science and technology. His research is situated between the fields of Science and Technology Studies and Economic Sociology. He has published on topics including public engagement with science and technology, precision medicine, energy policy, climate policy, and the sharing economy. He has also consulted to the Australian Council of Learned Academies on public participation in unconventional gas and precision medicine. He is the author of ‘The Rise and Fall of Carbon Emissions Trading’ (Palgrave MacMillan, 2015), which is a critical history of the foundations of the ‘climate wars’. He loves riding bikes.

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Title & place of publication Author Research area Type Links Year
An Energy Data Manifesto, in Good Data, Edited by A. Daly, S.K. Devitt, and M. Mann, Institute of Network Cultures: Amsterdam. Declan Kuch , Naomi Stringer, Luke Marshall , Sharon Young, Mike Roberts , Iain MacGill , Anna Bruce , Rob Passey Sustainability & general Book Chapters 2019