Who we are

 The following lists the current Centre Management as well as Research Staff and Postgraduate students.


Name & Position



Dr Iain MacGill
Joint Director 
Faculty of Engineering i.macgill[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Maria Balatbat
Joint Director 
UNSW Business School m.balatbat[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Anna Bruce
Research Coordinator
Faculty of Engineering a.bruce[at]unsw.edu[dot]au 
Dr Mark Diesendorf
Research Coordinator
CRC for Low Carbon Living m.diesendorf[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Paul Twomey
Research Coordinator
Faculty of the Built Environment p.twomey[at]unsw.edu[dot]au

Dr Declan Kuch
Research Coordinator

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  d.kuch[at]unsw.edu[dot]au


Research Staff

Dr Rob Passey
Senior Research Associate
Faculty of Engineering r.passey[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Navid Haghdadi Faculty of Engineering n.haghdadi[at]unsw.edu[dot]au



Peiyao Shen UNSW Business School p.shen[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Xingyang Wei UNSW Business School x.wei[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Pranesh Dutt Faculty of Engineering p.dutt[at]student.unsw.edu[dot]au
Sadvhi Ganga Faculty of Engineering z3348522[at]student.unsw.edu[dot]au
Simon Heslop Faculty of Engineering s.heslop[at]student.unsw.edu[dot]au
Graham Mills Faculty of Engineering graham.mills[at]unsw.edu[dot]au

CEEM research students

L-R: Xinyang Wei, Tevita Tukunga, Graham Mills, Martin Jones, Sebastian Oliva, Peiyao Shen, Peerapat Vithayasrichareon, Simon Heslop


Management Committee

Name & Biography



Professor Alec Cameron
Dean and Presiding Chair
UNSW Business School a.cameron[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Professor Graham Davies
Faculty of Engineering g.davies[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Maria Balatbat
Joint Director (Presiding)
UNSW Business School m.balatbat[at]unsw.edu[dot]au
Dr Iain MacGill
Joint Director
Faculty of Engineering i.macgill[at]unsw.edu[dot]au

The following management structure has been created to ensure that CEEM is well positioned to undertake interdisciplinary research and training.


Affiliated researchers and educators

Name & Biography Affiliation Email
Rosemary Lyster Senior Lecturer 
Director, Australian Centre for Environmental Law (Sydney)
Editor-in-Chief, Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law
Faculty of Law, University of Sydney
Others to be advised